Closing the Back Door

The back door of the church is perplexing because it’s often the one that people exit the church through never to be heard from again. Adding to the perplexity, by the time we notice they're gone, we're too busy or not very interested in understanding why they've walked out.

You’ve seen them. New believers coming in through the front door with enthusiasm, curiosity and expectation, and, within a few weeks or months, walking out the back door leaving us to wonder where they went...and why.  In fact, most new believers won't last 2-3 months in our churches. Research conducted by the Barna Research Group shows that 85% of new believers don't stick around more than 8 - 12 weeks when they're not personally connected.  I contend the best way to connect them is through a simple discipleship process.

So, what plan or process for discipleship is in place for your church that maximizes the chances that new believers grow to maturity in the Lord?  If you don't currently have a plan or process, First Steps can help. First Steps is an intentional discipleship process that utilizes the intimacy of one-on-one relationships and can set your church on a course that instantly begins to ground new believers in their faith and equip them with the spiritual disciplines that they'll use for the rest of their lives...all while closing the back door of the church.

To effectively jumpstart First Steps in your church, use us to conduct a church-specific, one-day seminar that will train those with a desire for discipleship to begin discipling new believers right away. First Steps has trained churches ranging in size from 100 to 5,000 and attendees walk away ready to begin discipling others immediately.

Discipleship training seminars help churches jumpstart discipleship for new and renewed believers and cover three major components: 

1) What one-on-one discipleship is and why it's the most effective method of discipling;

2) How to manage a one-on-one relationship confidently and effectively; and

3) How to use the First Steps Discipleship Workbook to facilitate the discipleship process through various teaching methods and simulation.