Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about First Steps Discipleship?

First Steps is a foundational approach to discipleship. A foundational process can be used for anyone, anywhere. First Steps connects people to Jesus and equips them with practical tools they can immediately apply. First Steps also uses one-on-one relationships rather than a classroom setting to take new believers through a sequence of topics specifically designed to lay a foundation necessary for them to grow in their faith.

What does the First Steps Discipleship process look like?

Using the First Steps Workbook as a map, disciplers takes disciples through ten lessons meeting once a week for three months. In that timeframe, the process of transformation begins as new believers engage their faith.  

Can you really disciple someone in three months?  

Realizing that discipleship is a life-long process, First Steps provides a foundational approach for new believers that equips them with tools and disciplines they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Once the foundation is established, believers can more effectively engage formational discipleship processes.

Why does First Steps promote discipleship using one-on-one relationships?

One-on-one is the most effective means of discipling new believers because it fosters intimacy, openness and accountability. One-on-one is easily reproducible and virtually anyone can do it.

Can I use First Steps with non-Christians?

Yes! It’s quite effective with pointing friends and family to the Lord.

What do I need to get First Steps started in my church?

To get First Steps started at your church, it’s best to decide what type of involvement you want to initiate. We offer discipleship resources designed to be used in one-on-one relationships, and we also offer one-day discipleship training seminars to quickly train and resource a group to begin discipling using one-on-one relationships. For more on training seminars, click here or contact us here.

How do I use the First Steps Discipleship Workbook?

To disciple a new believer using the workbook, you’ll need one discipleship workbook for you and one for your disciple. The workbook is comprised of 10 topical lessons, and each lesson is formatted with the same, three major components: Conversation, Consideration, and Content. For your first meeting, rather than starting in on the first lesson, the discipler should spend time getting to know the disciple and show them how the workbook will be used throughout the process.  

How can I order First Steps discipleship materials?

You can order First Steps Discipleship resources using the online store or contact us today: 866.630.4049 or email